Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Plane has Crashed

You know I had this whole thought process of what I was going to write about today all planned out; we were going to discuss monitoring devices. Then today happened and I do not say that in a good tone. The day started out wonderful I had my lowest morning blood sugar in weeks with an amazing 110 mg/dl (6.1 mmol/l) woot, normal range. Now this is the way to wake up full of energy and ready for anything. I worked through my first 4 hours of work today with a little bit of pain but my left arm pretty much numb, I am used to this so I dealt with it. Got through with work and went to my optician for my annual eye exam today.

In the eye exam they did a new test that I had never before seen, I had to look into a machine and hit a button whenever I saw three flashing lines. This test was for one eye at a time, now the hard part or maybe the weird part happened during the test. The eye that was not being used seemed to almost cross with the eye being used causing my vision to go completely black. I could see pretty much nothing except for what seemed to be the fluid in my eye, sorry no other way to explain this. This little issue happened on both eyes whichever one was being tested seemed to be overridden by the non-testing eye. After this I had a normal eye exam and a pupil dilation to check on my inner eye. I still have minimal scar tissue at the back of my eye which according to them is early signs of Retinopathy but they do not believe any action is required as it has not grown any in four years of testing.

After the eye exam and all I came home to start feeling extremely tired. I checked my blood sugar and I was at 396 mg/dl (22 mmol/l) and all I could think was what the heck???? I took a slider shot of my Humalog to try and bring the sugar level down, I do not believe this worked or maybe it did that was really the last thing I remember. I was out on the sofa after that for almost 4 hours. I woe top Misty (my cat) liking my hand and my phone ringing it was my Mother. I took my blood sugar again and was at 386 mg/dl (21.4 mmol/l).

So after this I spent 3 hours in the ER for them to do blood tests to find out if I have an infection or something. I am supposed to follow up with my doctor tomorrow afternoon. They cannot explain what is causing the spike in my blood sugar. I sit here writing this at 11:52 pm tonight and I am still at 307 mg/dl (17.05 mmol/l) while this is down, this is not a major improvement. To be painfully honest with everyone I am scared to go to sleep tonight because I am unsure what is going on. This is just one of those days that do not go your way.

I hope to talk to you all tomorrow about my new monitor that I should be getting after 11 am tomorrow. This will depend a lot on what my wonderful life partner decides to do to me tomorrow lol. Till then have a great day everyone, we are half way through the week tomorrow so enjoy it.

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