Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today has made me realize one very important thing, I like structure. Not just a day to day idea of what is going on when but structure as a whole in my life. I know I get up in the morning through the week and get ready for work after taking my morning blood sugar. When I come downstairs Meredith has pulled the shots including my slider and has my pills waiting for me; weekends I cook breakfast and she does the same thing sets up pills and shots. Today however, Meredith and the kids left on their own vacation for the week up to visit her father before summer is over and school begins. I cannot go as he does not have internet at his home, if he did I could just take my job with me. So tonight I fixed dinner for one instead of five and took my blood sugar as normal. I ate dinner and then some 4 hours later remembered I forgot my shots and pills for dinner, my routine was out of whack.

So does structure equal routine no not always. In my particular case structure is the support system I have here in my house with my wife and kids. I get to face an entire week with no support no structure, are we taking bets on just how good my blood sugar will be this week? The stillness in the house is actually nerve wracking lol which is making me a bit stressed. Stress hmm now that does absolutely nothing to our blood sugar does it. Then I have all of those fathers worst case nightmares happen of what if one of the kids gets hurt while they are up there? How can I get there to be at their side where I belong?

So today instead of saying anything really about me (other than above lol) I want to speak with everyone about those others in your lives, your structure or support system. It does not matter if you are married to a diabetic or are the parent of a diabetic, today is about those who help to take care of us, the diabetics. I know you read this and go take care of me? I can take care of my own self I do not need someone else to take care of my disease! But, in all truth we need others in our lives to help us stay on track and not fall off the health train as it leaves the station each and every day. See we as diabetics make the decision to stay on the train or to step off as the disease is our curse or burden, but it is our support that is there to clean us up when we do step off.

Now please do not misunderstand, there are days in our lives where we simply want to “stick 2 fingers up to this vile disease called Diabetes!!!!” This quote was taken from the site of a new friend named Bec, you can read her blog at . I fully agree there are days I hate this curse and pray to God that he just takes it away and let me live a normal life. It is these days the ones where we have had it that we cannot forget our support system. I am not saying they will stop us from doing it, if they are smart they will allow us our venting day. However they will be there for us when we have to pick ourselves up off the ground. As parents they stood by us as we rebelled against our diagnosis, as our loved ones they are there to put the pieces back together.

I say all of this to come to one great point, to all you diabetics out there reading this take a look at your support and tell them Thank You, tell them you Love them for all they do for you. There will be times in our lives where no structure is available and we really will feel alone, do not let those times be when you remember the support you normally have. Thank them daily while we may be the ones living with the disease they are the ones who are living with us; even if not literally lol.

Tomorrow is a new day and I am still unsure as to what I am going to write about yet. Check back in tomorrow night and see what the topic will be.

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  1. Aw sugar dont feel bad for wanting/needing structure. I swear Im so OCD that its crazy =)P I honestly think its a side effect from having an autistic child since they are so regimented and structured. I have to put my pill box of meds under my toothbrush or I'd never remember to take any of them. Also if you have a cell phone with an "alarm clock" feature set an alarm and in the "memo" section put "meds" then it will remind you =) its great you appricate your loved ones so much thats awesome to read so many ppl don't appricate theirs enough xoxo