Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life in the busy lane

How is everyone doing? I do apologize to everyone as I have been a little absent for the last two weeks from the writing. This is due to my wife’s birthday, my nieces birthday and a class at school that is about to make me lose the remaining hair I have lol.

Over the last two weeks I have been getting used to a new blood sugar monitoring device that was prescribed for me because I am um a tech geek (runs back into the closet he just came out of). My new meter is the Bayer Contour USB; to view the Contour USB please follow this link.


What do I think about this instrument of pure geek-ness? I am absolutely in love with this monitor; the features on it and the software you can download to your computer from Bayer to work with it make the $60 (US Dollars) investment well worth it. Unfortunately for me the monitor is to new for the American market and my insurance would not cover it, this however was the only downside. The test strips required along with the lancets for the lancing device are the same as all other Bayer Contour devices so these thankfully are fully covered.

Through the tests over the last couple of weeks I have confirmed in a chart setting what I already knew from my own mental recording of blood sugars. That is my life on insulin is a Roller Coaster and there is a sadistic person in control, wait no I am not. It seems the harder I have tried to keep my sugar down the last few weeks the higher it has gone, now here is where it gets funny. On my wife’s birthday I gave in and had marbled cake with chocolate chip ice cream. We have discussed this in the past marbled equals Chocolate and do I really have to explain the ice cream? Well I take my wonderful blood sugar that night 2 hours post chocolate city and what do I find? I will tell you I was at 78 mg/dl (4.3 mmol/l)!!! I was shaking across the room; Meredith could not get me to stand long enough to get Orange Juice into me because I started half dozing/ half passing out. This was AFTER the chocolate.

Well that is just a single day example of the last two weeks of sugars. Just this last Monday I started out at 105 mg/dl (5.83 mmol/l) at 6 AM. Was at 297 mg/dl (16.5 mmol/l) at 10 AM and then was 156 (8.6) just two short hours later at noon. Now take in mind other than my morning shots I had taken no other insulin. From there I continued to bottom out till I was back down to 78 mg/dl (4.3 mmol/l) that night.

My Neuropathy has been affecting me only to a minimum the last two weeks. There are new issues that I will discuss with you all later this week. As for now I am going to bed because 3 AM tomorrow comes awful early and I need some resemblance of sleep. This does close out the month of August for us all, I hope everyone had a great August and that you look forward to a wonderful September as the trees start to change their colors and autumn settles in at least to my neck of the woods here in Illinois.

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