Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Waterpark and Chocolate Donuts

It never seems to fail that my constant companion will rear its head just when I would like it to stay hidden to the rest of the world. Today was no exception to its wonderful timing, today was a family vacation day that has been planned all summer and put off a few times and finally gelled together. I was supposed to work today because it was too late to request the day off and no one would take the hours I was trying to give away. So I took a personal day and went with my family on this vacation day. We drove an hour to Burlington Iowa to the Fun City Waterpark and just enjoyed the day, my wife and kids, my parents, and my sister and her kids and boyfriend. Sat in the lazy river being well lazy lol for oh I do not know how long but it felt so good. Swam in the pool and enjoyed a nice long hot tub sit with my wife and kids just relaxing and felt at peace.

Here is where our wonderful cohort in life decided to come into play, I knew we were getting close to lunch time but had no real clock on me to see what time it was. Unfortunately, as most diabetics know you must try to eat on schedule. I missed my normal lunch time by an hour, by the time we went out to the vehicle to eat lunch I was shaking and not focusing so well, a quick blood sugar test revealed I was at a wonderful 78 mg/dl (4.3 mmol/l). Well I ate a quick bologna and cheese sandwich followed by a chocolate donut. Ok yes I know the donut was not on the recommended food list but 1) it was sugar that I had immediate access to and 2) it was CHOCOLATE! Wow, that sounded like my wife typing there but nope it is me I like Chocolate and do not eat a lot of it.

It was almost an hour before I went back into the waterpark to join everyone as I did not want to be shaking in front of everyone. Once inside it was back to the pool and the hot tub then the lazy river again ohhh and the Atomic Drop waterslide. I raced my sister’s boyfriend down the slide; ha, like he even stood a chance of beating me down that thing. I am by no means a small man and when you allow me to go on a water slide that drops you over 90 feet straight down then into a pool you have no chance of keeping up with me; gravity pulls me three times faster than a smaller man lol.

Ok all the fun aside once we arrived home this evening I took my blood sugar again prior to dinner and shots for the evening. I was now at 199 mg/dl (11.05 mmol/l). I was actually surprised by this as the donut should have shot me through the proverbial roof for the day. I felt good about this level as I expected it to be much higher, is it a good level? No not really but these days I take what I can get when most of the time I am hypo and shaking around everyone.

So for all of you out there with Diabetes as a life partner how do you handle vacation trips? Do you find a spoiler like I did (even if its spoiling was short lived) or do you make it through the day with no issues by better planning? Looking forward to hearing your comments on this one for now everyone sleep tight, hug your loved ones tell them you love them and enjoy life day to day.

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