Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Living life by the train and the plane

I feel a lot like a Zephyr here lately. The last few weeks have been a blur as life has been flying by faster than I can keep up. My Neuropathy has kept its little ugly head in hiding for the most part, but it has a few lingering reminders that it is here. I am waiting not eagerly but expectantly for the day it decides to jump back into my life and scream I AM HERE!!!!!

For the most part the Gabapentin is doing its job well, however I know the day is coming the current dose will no longer be good enough and the pain will start to come back. I have started taking PT (Physical Therapy) and OT (Occupational Therapy) to help rebuild the muscles in my arms and legs. I am still fighting this diagnosis and I will not let it beat me. My PT representative today had my legs stretched in so many different positions that I swear I saw my toes dangling in front on my eyes from behind my head. Only one word describes the stretches they had me do today….”Ouch.”

Last Thursday I met with my new Doctor. Mark is an internist and specializes with Diabetes. My insurance made me transfer to him as my new primary care physician. I have a lot to learn about him and he about me but we seem to have hit it off. I told him “insulin no longer works on me” he said “I’ll take blood and let it prove you right or wrong.” The blood test was done in several segments last Thursday with a base line fasting blood sugar then afterwards with a blood sugar after lunch and dinner. He told me I would hear from him in a couple of weeks and scheduled my appointment for 3 weeks out. To my surprise Friday comes with a phone call from Animas representative Addie. She is the Territory Manager for Animas and works with my Doctor to prepare people with the Insulin pump. Yep that is right you heard it here I will soon be a pumper instead of just a plumper lol gives a nice overview of my new Insulin pump along with the One Touch Ping. My little blood sugar monitor that communicates with the pump to help figure bolus doses of insulin along with monitoring my basil dose. I am looking forward to the arrival of the pump as I may finally see the end of the sky rocket grab your boots and hold on tight blood sugars. Was called today by the company who will be sending me all of my supplies, they are ordering all of the necessary pieces so that I may start on the pump soon. To my understanding the soon means by 9/17/10; talk about fast last I heard it was going to take a couple months then boom the Zephyr roars through my life spinning me in circles and now it is next week. I don’t know everyone I am leaning towards the black one although I can pick anyone of the colors available. Pink is probably not anywhere near the top of my choice list, no this does not mean I am scared to wear anything pink, I have a pink shirt that I hold up rather well. I just don’t feel the pink is it lol however if you have any other suggestions get them in now as I have to pick by Tuesday so that it is in by Friday next week.

This weekend is the annual Stearman Fly-in here in Galesburg, Il. I plan to be near the airport on Saturday relaxing with my wife and kids watching the Air show above us. It is funny though as fast as my life is moving right now it will take Air planes to slow it down and breathe, rather fitting.

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