Thursday, January 13, 2011

Short Break for laughter

Comedy happens in our lives when we least expect it. This past Saturday 1/8/11 I was cooking dinner for my family as we had a birthday party for my son who turned eight years old. I am rushing around my small kitchen trying to make ribs without a grill. So I improvised and boiled them then placed the bbq sauce on the ribs and placed them in the broiler to cook off.

Here is where life takes its twist. I realized we were a half hour from eating so I took my blood sugar using my One Touch Ping and then proceeded to dose myself from the Ping to the Pump. Take in mind I was still cooking, so the ribs had to be turned and the other side of them needed bbq sauce applied, and sure enough I dropped the meter right into the pan on the oven rack. I of course promptly grabbed it. While I was freaking my family was dying with laughter. The meter was sauced and the bbq was up into the test strip area. It was toast, so Sunday I called One Touch and the lady on the other side could not control the laughter either.

While I was a little irritated at myself for trying to rush and do everything and then causing the issue; her laughing only helped to irritate me more. I work in customer service daily and you are not supposed to laugh on open mic at the customer. On the other hand, what can you say when a customer calls in going “I ruined my meter due to user stupidity.” “I apologize sir what happened to your meter?” ”You did WHAT? LOL HA HA HA ROFL.” Ok after all of her laughter she explained that this is not covered under warranty, take in mind I knew this very well. She ended up thanking me for making her Sunday at work and for giving her a story that is so ridiculous that it had to be true. Then she gave me a courtesy meter which arrived on Tuesday this week.

To top the Saturday night off for me, I manually entered the BG into my insulin pump and set my bolus delivery. Fifteen minutes later I was taking a nose dive. No focus, shaking, sweating, I could not stand any longer. My legs were weak and I collapsed into the chair. I grabbed some cookies from our cupboard (candy Kane cookies from Archway) and ate a few to try and help raise the sugar levels so I could function. I did not stop to check this new item in my house first; it had coconut oils in it. So in a bit I am feeling good on shakiness, however my tongue is now swelling due to my allergy to coconut. It seems humility was the lesson of the day. My body made sure to remind me it can bring me to halt. Well everything was treated and my dinner made it to the table almost an hour late, but it was a success even with it being late.

So why share all of this on a blog about Diabetes and Neuropathy you may ask. Well it is to show everyone that our friend Diabetes can bring comedy into our lives. No matter what happens we need to ride out the highs and lows and sit back and laugh at life and yourself.

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