Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Reflections and Dreams Part 1

     Welcome to 2011 everyone. The New Year has a lot of possibilities for all of us. Life has been so busy the last few months that I seem to have been out of touch with everyone, for this I do apologize. I had three things happen in December to me, one not so good and two great items. First the not so good item, the Retinopathy has grown just a tad in my eyes. So for now since it is growing so slowly they have placed me in Bifocals.

     I had a great Christmas gift on 12/23/10 I was officially released from Physical therapy after almost a year of it. Now do not get me wrong I love the ladies who were helping me along, but now it is my turn to continue forward with my own health management. I also stepped up and did something that was a miracle to me. For those that don’t know a lot about me I love to sing. I even won several medals in competitions while growing up. Fourteen years ago I stopped singing in public due to issues in my personal life with deaths in the family. On December 5th 2010 I made my first appearance back to sing in public. While it was at my church during a service it is an accomplishment for me as I wanted to start back a year ago. However, my diabetes and the neuropathy had different plans for me. Call it humility or pride but I was not going to sing in front of any one jerking and twitching everywhere when the pain crossed my body like lightening on a steel rod.

     I stood there nervous as anything, and yet I sang and it felt so great to break that grasp the pain had on me. In fact I have been asked to sing again on January 30th this year. Now I am worried lol I have to find a song again. This is all said to encourage all of you. We have a disease that for a type 1 will never go away, and for a type 2 they can get rid of the symptoms but the disease is still in the back ground waiting. No matter what happens in your life do not let it steal your dreams. Those loves that make you who you are, the dreams that make you who you want to be.

     Diabetes and its mean cousin Neuropathy can be tough to live with and we must always be ready in case a reaction happens. However, don’t let it stop you from having fun. Get out in the world fight the issues you want to fight against. Till next time please have fun live your life and teach others about the Diabetes truth not the myths.

Your Friend,

John Anno


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