Sunday, May 1, 2011

Outer reflections of our pain inside part 1

What happens in spring that makes everything come alive? Is it the warmer weather, the longer days of sunshine? I guess I mean what makes us as Human beings become more alive, all winter long I saw people go about their business and yet they all looked like they were numb to the world. Once spring hits you see people smiling, walking around greeting each other like life is beautiful. I know right now you are wondering how is he going to tie this to his blog post, well I believe they suffer from seasonal neuropathy. Is this a real disease, no but what it has done is cause a numbing of their emotions to the winter season and they all seem to draw inwards.
We as Diabetics with Neuropathy can have a similar condition, except ours is not controlled by a season. We do not need winter to appear to feel numb; Neuropathy can make us go numb at any point of a day. Our lack of feeling can cause us much pain should something happen that we are unaware of. We also have this emotional numbness at times; some may call it depression, numbness, apathy.  We deal with so much pain and other irritants that sometimes we just shut down completely and do not want to speak to the outside world.

I went on a church outing with my son a few weeks ago and while we were out I apparently hit something very sharp with my left leg. One of the guys asked me how my pants leg got ripped and then said the words I dread to hear “Are you bleeding?” Wonderful Neuropathy numbing strikes again; I never knew I got cut let alone the fact that I was bleeding and enough to stain the color of my jeans. So I am curious to find out what you all believe Pain vs. Numbness from the Neuropathy which is better?

Send me a response let me know what you feel. I am really interested how everyone feels about this. Do you feel the pain of Diabetic neuropathy is better to have than the numbness?


  1. John I got the message on 48 Days and read this post - as a Biblical Health Coach I am very interested in your perspective on this difficult condition. I think it was very creative to compare the neuropathy to the advent of spring. My response to your question is that I think I would rather be able to feel - even pain. God created us to be able to feel emotions and pain and I would choose that. Keep on submitting your articles - perhaps tweet them on twitter - that's free. I have several blogs and don't get a whole lot of traffic yet - but I have linked it to my website. Keep at it!!

  2. My husband is type 1 with neuropathy. He has excruciating pain 24/7 and is now disabled. He has started to go numb as well. In the beginning we were scared to death of him going numb. Now he to the point that he wishes he would just go numb so that the pain would hopefully go away. The process has started but the pain is still horrible. He is on countless medications just to get out of bed each day and make it through the day. Remember, he doesn't even work anymore, so the pain is pretty bad. :(

  3. I noticed that some months back you had mentioned that you were thinking about writing a entry devoted only to on neuropathy and I am glad to see you have started the series.
    This is a pretty good news article regarding diabetes and neuropathy.

    Symptoms are discussed as well as the underlying mechanics of what is going on with the axons and the complications diabetes has with cellular regeneration.

  4. My hubby deals with excruciating amounts of pain from his diabetic neuropathy and some numbness as well. He is now heavily medication to curb the pain. We hope one day he will go numb and the pain will go away because he rather live life being careful and aware of the numbness and what can happen, instead of the massive amounts of pain he has every day all day. :)